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Make a strong impression

Your appearance says a lot about you. Put your best foot forward with your customers and employees or get the best value for your gear before selling or trading.


The entire process is safe on plastics, vinyl, and decals.

Call today to learn how your equipment can look good as new with Dakota Shine.


Fix faded paint with Dakota Shine

Dakota Shine is a unique patented product that will restore color, luster, and value to faded and oxidized surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly biodegradable product with no harsh chemicals or solvents.


The first step safely cleans equipment and helps to remove faded or oxidized paint. The second step penetrates the surface to rejuvenate the pigments to their original appearance.

The appearance of your fleet means a lot to you and your customers.  Make sure your equipment looks its best on the job; or if its time to sell, make sure you maximize your return on investment.

Restore the appearance of your equipment

   • Restore color, shine, and value

   • Better than wax or clearcoat

   • Lasts as long as a new paint

   • Easier and cheaper than new paint

   • Works on all colors

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